So far, by God's grace

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A rough, rough 2 weeks, and a few lessons learned.

Hi there!

If you thought, since I posted so much over the last week, that I was having a fantabulous time, think again! Because honestly, it wasn't. When I feel down and out, looking back at the past really helps.

While the last week....and horrible 2nd week is still on, wasn't as bad as THIS week, it still was hard for me.

Here's what happened to our family:

Lil girl: stomach flu with HIGH fever for 4 days. She was like a zombie, refusing anything to drink and I spent so much time worrying about dehydration. 2 visits to the doc, battles over feeding her meds and sleepless nights.

The husband: fever, bad, bad viral bronchitis. One visit to an amazing doctor who charged Rs. 700 as consultation fee alone but got to the root of husbee's problem.

me: Totally worn out each night over a sick baby, a sick husband and a house guest. (She was so sweet and took all of these in her stride).... and then yesterday, I caught a cold!

So here's what I learned:
  1. If you think your baby looks cute, she looks her cutest when she is sick! (I am not being mean. If you have a baby, you'll know)
  2. Nothing shreds your hearts to bits like feeling helpless as your sick child cries "pleeeesh Amma, No medicines Amma!"
  3. Your husband is also a helpless baby when he is sick.
  4. The lobby at Apollo hospital is like a glorified railway station. The sea of people from all parts of India is mind boggling!
  5. A doctor can charge Rs.700 as consultation fee and not feel guilty. My parents charge Rs.20! And even that only to patients who can afford it and even this, doesn't go into their pockets!
  6. There are people who can come home to do a sleep study and it costs a bomb!
  7. Doctors and hospitals are expensive outside the bubble of a medical community I grew up in.
  8. Our friends really are friends indeed. They went out of their way to help us out.
  9. None of us are as healthy as our parents were at our age!
  10. Something HAS to be done about the above!


  1. Ha! Didn't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for you guys! Hope everyone is feeling better.

  2. @ Amy & Arpit: You could do both! I did!

  3. Hey Deepa,
    I don't know how I chanced upon your blog but I enjoy reading it and seeing pictures of your little package of 'goodness' - Nanma! She has grown . I have a 7 month old daughter. I think our grandparents knew each other. Recently when I was in Kerala, I came across a book about your appachan in my grandparents' book collection. Such an amazing and inspiring personality. Hope your husband and little one are well.

  4. Hi Priya!

    Welcome to my blog! Thanks for caring to comment. How cool is that, our grandparents know each other!!! WOW! What's your daughter's name? You should blog too!

  5. Hi Deepa, I have been trying to blog for ages and have so many ideas and thoughts to put down...but I never get around to actually blogging. My daughter's name is Grace.

  6. I will take a dozen sick kids any day to one sick grown man!
    I have been out of India since 1997 and have been living on HIS grace alone. God forbid I should get sick here! Scary..
    The lobby at Apollo had only people from India? A man from Florida went to India for Hip replacement and had both hips replaced for $20K. Here in US would have cost a fortune!
    I also miss the calling a family friend( doctor) and asking what to give the sick person... I still call friends in India when I want a quick remedy!