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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Let me introduce you to a dear friend. Even before I actually met her, I heard from different people of how sweet she is. My mother-law would praise her for her thoughtful nature and for the fact that she always made it a point to keep in touch. (something I am terrible at). So, (the old me) was a little miffed that there was this girl - the perfect daughter-in-law that I had to be friends with. Silly me. Because I hadn't met her yet.

But when we did, there was this instant connection. Sure, she was just as sweet and thoughtful as everyone had said, but she wasn't rubbing it in my face. I loved being at the receiving end of her sweet nature and generosity! She had brought along her little 3 month old baby and I fell in love with the perfectness of little Joanna and enjoyed carrying her around.

Over the last four years, I have got to know her as a dear friend, with whom I share so many similarities in spite of our differences. Over facebook, she reached out to me at a time when I felt quite alone and I will be ever grateful for that. We hardly keep in touch (yeah, that's me :-) ) but she is someone I would call a kindred spirit. Nanma adores her Joanna chechi(big sister) and I look forward to their annual visits to India when we can meet in person and re-connect.

Leena is inspiring. She is a woman who's goal in life is to be the kind of wife and mother God wants her to be. She has this amazing ability, where she uses ordinary everyday occurrences as windows through which she lets God show her the bigger picture. She started on her blog a while ago, but her most recent post really struck a chord with me.

So dear readers, go over to her blog and read. Be inspired!

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  1. Deepa u stunned, embarrassed and flattered me :-) I have a confession on my first impression too -that’s a story for another day ! You are magnanimous in your graciousness !! I stand humbled at the generosity of your honorable mention in your esteemed blog! (that’s a lot of big words but I wanted to use the best )