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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Date Night and Superheroes

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Last night was date night . After a long , long time  we finally got to go out together and watch a movie in a real, live movie theater .  Yeah , it is a big deal especially since it has almost been a year since I last went out to a movie theater .

Ashwin was all set on resigning himself to watching a chick flick when I told him I wanted to watch The Avengers .  I was actually surprised that he was surprised !  Funny . It just goes to show you that you never really know every single thing about your spouse !

Well truth is , I have always loved superheroes ! Remember I told you long ago that I my first exposure to reading was comic books ?  I also grew up in a campus where  most of my friends were boys . My cousin Sumodh and I shared our love for superheroes and as kids would even turn a regular game of tag into superman & supergirl versus Lex Luthor ! ( the villains were usually our younger cousins )

So having the Iron Man , The Hulk , Captain America , Thor , The Hawk and The Black Widow in one 3D movie was irresistible . The perfect date night! Ashwin got to see a totally different side of me . He is usually used to see me close my eyes  or turn away as fight scenes come up on screen or even have tears rolling down my eyes  for sentimental scenes .  Last night, he got to see me whistling and hooting as I  rooted for my superheroes .

At the end of the night , the world was saved from alien invasion , our tummies were full of popcorn and pepsi, and another shared passion was discovered after almost a decade of knowing each other!

      My favorite superhero of the night? Iron Man. 
      My favorite superhero of all time? Spiderman
      One comic book hero I am waiting to see a good movie on? The Phantom.
(yes , I know there is a  movie on the phantom, but it is rather silly, don't you think? )


  1. :) Loved that post!
    TOTALLY agree about IronMan!! :D

  2. @Dangerous: :) . He's the wittiest one!

  3. When I was a child I decided I would never ever stop reading Phantom. Always was awaiting a Phantom movie. Saw "Phantom of the Opera" but it was no where near a Phantom movie!

    1. There was a 1996 Phantom movie starring Billy Zane as Phantom (he's the villain of Titanic) but it was a half baked attempt at recreating the charm of the comic!

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